Soldering Irons
    • $152.62
      Ideal for industrial applications Torch runs on normal cigarette lighter fuel Use for brazing, soldering, plumbing, industrial maintenance Nominal flame temperature is 1350 degrees Celsius
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    • Cabac Micro Flameless Heat Gun 650°C
    • $49.50
      A handy unit based around a refillable cigarette lighter Professionally built for the serious user Max temperature of 650 Degrees Celsius flameless heat Lighter not included Micro Flameless Heat Gun 650°C The Micro Flameless Heat Gun is a handy unit based around a refillable cigarette lighter. It is professionally built for the serious user. Heat Gun Features • Maximum temperature: 650°C flameless...
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    • $256.80
      Key Features - Tank contains fuel for 30 minutes of operation- No electrical interference- Comes with soldering tip and protective cap- Soldering iron tips are shaped from a copper bar, then coated with protective iron plating- Thick coating for improved durability - good conductivity for more efficient thermal recovery- 2 x Butane powered with removable refillable LEC (Liquid Energy Cell)-...
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    • Cabac Soldering Iron Small 30-70W
    • $85.45
      Low cost quality soldering iron Cordless Simple and safe to operate under any conditions Soldering Iron Small 30-70W Gas Soldering Iron Features • Equivalent to a power range of 30 to 70W • Cordless, simple and safe to operate under any conditions, anywhere • Ready to use 20 seconds after ignition • Tank contains fuel for 60 minutes of operation • Clear...
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    • Cabac Soldering Iron 25W
    • $68.86
      A quality soldering iron designed for everyday use Choice of 25 and 45 wattage available Flexible power cord Cool handle grip and stainless steel barrel Soldering Iron 25W A quality soldering iron designed for everyday use. Two models are available in either 25 or 40W and spare tips are available. Each soldering iron has a flexible power cord, stainless steel barrels...
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