CATV Tools
    • Cabac F Connector Installation Tool
    • $21.32
      One end enlarges the shield and insulation Other end is used to twist on the F Connector prior to crimping For use with RG59 and RG6 cable F Connector Installation Tool The F Connector Installation Tool is an application tool used for quick and easy installation of 'F' Connectors. One end enlarges the shield and insulation.The other end is used...
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    • Cabac RG6 F Type Compression Crimp Tool
    • $96.31
      Termination is accomplished in a single cyclic action providing a professional cost effective solution for F connector crimping To be used with compression type F Connector For use with 05FMCOQ6 connectors Crimper for Compression Connectors A professional CATV tool to be used with compression type F Connectors. The termination is accomplished in a single cyclic action giving a professional cost effective solution...
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    • Cabac Cable TV Termination Kit
    • $125.27
      A handy one piece kit containing the most common tools needed for CATV installation Contains professional crimper Blade stripper and cable cutter Supplied with a handy case Cable TV Termination Kit A handy one piece kit containing most tools needed for CATV installation. Kit Contains: - Professional Crimper for RG6 and RG11 (RG6/11-CT) - Three Blade Stripper for RG6/58/59 (KOAX3)...
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